Wot m5 stuart matchmaking

Standard Gun Reload Times Nominal: 2. Der M5 Stuart ist ein amerikanischer leichter Panzer der Stufe 4. Bis Juni wurden 8. At first, the M5 Stuart appears to be a minor downgrade from the M3 Stuart , with slightly less armor, but more hit points. However, the armor is slanted better, and doesn’t make too much of a difference. This tank used to be able to equip a powerful 75mm Howitzer M3, but it was removed in Patch 9. As such, it still posses formidable firepower against lightly armored tanks, but the low penetration hinders it greatly against heavily armored tanks.

M5 Stuart needs tougher matchmaking

Instead of letting you aim and fire one shell at a time, this gun spurts out all five rounds at once. Either that or it’s doing something extremely bizarre to cause these inordinately long queue times. In fact, I’d go against grinding this thing and just skip it entirely. The gun had the same ballistics as the M3, but used a thinly walled barrel and different recoil mechanism.

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The highest BR of any of these is 3. What tier battles do I get put into every single game? What do I get put with now? This is ridiculous. You have the RB Ground flair, so you probably didnt realize that plane BR affects your matchmaking as well. If you had all reserve tanks and the F in your lineup, you would get MM for 7.

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Where the M3/M5 had weak armament the M24 is probably the first light tank to matchmaking status meaning you will generally be put in fights with tier the M5A1 Stuart, with its ability to effectively scout, alleviates a lot of the stress.

At first, the M5 Stuart appears to be a minor downgrade from the M3 Stuart , with slightly worse armor and lower speed for more hit points. The biggest difference is the ability to equip the fearsome 75mm Howitzer M3. The M5’s excellent speed and agility can be used to expose the thin rear and side armor of your opponents for maximum effect. Be warned though, its accuracy is poor, so come in fast, get close, and then get out of there.

You can always come around for another pass from a different angle. Due to its battle tier placement, this tank is relegated to a scouting role.

Wot m5 stuart matchmaking. Matchmaker (wot) – global wiki.

Best Light Tanks Wot. T1 Cunningham. World of Tanks. The line of German medium tanks up to the Leopard 1 is exactly what you need for this job. I Cruiser Mk. Fact is, many medium tanks are just as fast as light tanks.

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Jump to content. Before the DW2 got buffed with the Jesus 75mm gun, it used to be one of the biggest loads of crap in its tier. But not a lot of tanks ever got the attention needed or the devs attention to get buffed. So in return, they get left rotten while they eat the dust of their peers. Meet the M5. It has zero penetration. It also turns like a boat.

It also has a lot of potential damage but doesnt have the pen to the damage that it says on paper. Even with the upgraded penetration, you are not penetrating a KV anytime soon. Unlike the other tier 4 garbage trucks that has preferential matchmaking to compensate for their horrific lack of penetrating power, this thing does not have the penetration nor the armor to do well nor the needed mobility in order to survive. There is no denying it.

M3 stuart matchmaking

Light tanks got the speed, they got the camouflage rating, and they are your eyes on the battlefield. The Conqueror GC rolling in to start off this list. I have chosen a global win rate as a main factor for my selections; if you want to know why, please check one of the previous articles for an in-depth explanation. BT series tanks. Does lead to arguably the best Tier 10 Light currently in the game, which in itself makes this worth a sniff later on in your WoT career. As always, write down tanks I missed.

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Jump to content. Kazadar, on 05 February – AM, said:. Zoraktar, on 05 February – AM, said:. Judqment8, on 05 February – AM, said:. Rautaa, on 05 February – AM, said:. TopSecret81, on 05 February – AM, said:. Ioituma, on 05 February – AM, said:. Community Forum Software by IP. Search Advanced Search section: This topic Forums. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Next. Having just elited the M5 Stuart with 86 battles, I have come to the conclusion it needs tougher matchmaking.

The number of battles it faces tier 4 vehicles is too damn high. Other tier 4 scouts are great in tier 4 battles: They are mobile, somewhat armoured, and have a better gun than most tanks of the same tier. However, the M5 Stuart is next to useless against tier 4 tanks, because it has next to no gun.

Wot best light tank tier 10

Best Light Tanks Wot. Myth 3 Light tanks are the fastest units in the game. Note: you can pick only one. I know my favorite kind of tank is the light tank. My list differs a little from some of the others at the low tiers. For example , some players are noobs in a t34 but others dominate the battlefield with it.

Tier III. IIIM5 Stuart · IIILocust · IIIM2.

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Jump to content. So I recently made port and am able to login to the game again, so I decided to go back to some old tanks I used to play, currently collector tanks. Some were sucky and others were brilliant. I want to give them another look to see how they cope with the current game.

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Jump to content. I sat in the queue for over 5 minutes tonight with my shiny new M3 Stuart, hoping to take it for a spin. But alas, ’twas all in vain as the matchmaker never actually put me into a battle. This happened several times before I gave up and played other tanks. It appears that the matchmaker doesn’t seem to recognize the M3 Stuart at all.

Either that or it’s doing something extremely bizarre to cause these inordinately long queue times. Maybe it’s trying to not put together battles with 14 of the same tank? Who knows. Either way, this is a problem. This isn’t a matter of there not being enough Tier 3 tanks in the queue to make a battle, as you can see in the screenshots below.

World of Tanks Blitz – M5 Stuart aced