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If you’re looking to fit in almost everywhere, skip the Hawaiian shirt. Men greet each other with a handshake, or with a quick hug if they are intimate friends or family. The same is true in business, but Chileans understand that some North Americans are uncomfortable with this and will greet you with a handshake if they know you’re a foreigner. Like most Latin Americans, Chileans require less personal space when talking to another person; it can feel a bit awkward, but try not to step away. Punctuality is appreciated in business settings, but don’t be surprised if your Chilean guest shows up 30 to 45 minutes late for a dinner party. In contrast to North America, the do-it-yourself spirit is not very esteemed in Chile; rather, your ability to hire help to do it for you is what people value. Live-in or daily maids are very common in Chile, which means that, as a guest staying with a well-to-do family, you are not expected to make your bed or help around the house. When entering a room, you are expected to greet everyone individually or as a group.

Chilean Culture– 13 Chilean Conventions To Know Before You Visit Chile

Chileans are friendly and hospitable, and they tend to be forgiving of mistakes made by foreigners. Even so, if you are familiar with the basics of Chilean etiquette, you can avoid many embarrassing and awkward situations. Chilean culture tends to be more openly affectionate than what you might be used to. During conversations and when greeting one another, a hug, a kiss on the cheek, or an enthusiastic pat on the back are all commonplace. This is especially true among close friends and relatives.

People also tend to stand closer than you might be used to, and to have more direct eye contact.

Introducing Chile. Rolling out over a colossal 4,km, Chile is Mother Nature’s very own red carpet. See the world’s driest desert in the north. The lake district in​.

Good conversation topics include family, sports, travel, cuisine and wines. Chileans are very interested in world travel as they have increasing opportunities to go abroad for business and pleasure. Chileans can appear to prefer talking rather than listening as they try to demonstrate their familiarity with certain topics. Therefore, do not be offended if a Chilean appears to not listen attentively.

At times you may have two or three topics of conversation going in a group with people opting in and out at will. Subjects to be avoided include religion, local politics, human rights violations, and events in recent Chilean history involving the armed forces.

Burping Is Good Manners and 25 Other Etiquette Surprises From Around the World Slideshow

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Sustainability is placed at the top of Miralejos Chile Adventure’s etiquette by donating 1% of their revenue to associated projects, and ensuring their impacts as a.

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What’s It Like To Go On A First Date In Different Countries Around The World?

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Chile has a rich literature tradition that started back in the sixteenth century. As the native cultures of he territories known today as Chile had no written tradition, Chilean literature was born during the Spanish conquest in s. The conquistator Pedro de Valdivia wrote letters to the King, Charles V, and in one of those letters, he admiringly describes the natural beauty and landscape of the country. Along with the conquerors came missionaries to teach and convert the native peoples to Christianity, spreading not only their religion but also their language, writing and other arts and artisan skills.

Chilean literature in the time of the Spanish conquest consisted mainly of the chronicles of the war of Arauco long running conflict between Spaniards and the Mapuche people, a group of indigenous inhabitants of south-central Chile. The main role of literature was to keep historical records of the campaign, also during the colonial period literary works written by Chilean nuns spotlighted spiritual letters, diaries, autobiographies and epistolary.

The excitement of the independence movement inspired the first newspaper or printing operation of any kind, mostly covering politics and political philosophy. The generation of made up of writers born between and , also known by the name “Generacion Costumbrista” developed a literary interpretation of local everyday life and manners.


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Going to Chile? Here we have all the important information you’ll need for your trip – from currency to the etiquette, customs & culture – Our Kwintessential guide​.

The world is a strange and surprising place full of history that is being explored daily by wanderers and adventure-seeking foodies. But, if you don’t know what’s considered acceptable versus what is considered rude, you could be breaking a lot of etiquette rules! Sometimes what one sees as disrespectful, such as running late to dinner plans or a lunch date, others see as common courtesy — as is so in Venezuela , where showing up early or on time is seen as a rude gesture.

In China , if you burp, it indicates to your host that you enjoyed your meal, and the same is true for making loud slurping noises in Japan , whereas in the U. That’s why before you dine across the globe, you must check out why burping is good manners and 25 other etiquette surprises from around the world. If you’re worried about germs, try not to be clumsy when passing those rolls around! Showing up fashionably late is socially acceptable in Canada , while showing up on time or early is not.

Chileans always use utensils. When you’re eating a whole fish in China , never flip it over after finishing one side.

Bombardment of Valparaíso

Or you might have heard from your friends that women of Chile are unpopular among Western men. The adorable Chilean women are warm, friendly, fine, and diverse. They are definitely underrated beauties and compared to Columbian girls.

Even so, if you are familiar with the basics of Chilean etiquette, you can avoid many embarrassing and awkward situations. Things to Know: Chilean culture tends.

Chile – Culture Smart! This concise guide will tell you what to expect, how to behave, and how to establish a rapport with your hosts. This inside knowledge will enable you to steer clear of embarrassing gaffes and mistakes, feel confident in unfamiliar situations, and develop trust, friendships, and successful business relationships. Culture Smart! The values, behavior, and customs of peoples have been formed over centuries, which is why the unique information in Culture Smart!

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Geographically, the country is long and narrow, and lies between the Andes Mountains and the Pacific Ocean. It is a land of great contrasts, from big cities with a vital urban culture to vast swathes of natural beauty including both the desert and the sea. Known for both bustling cities such as Santiago and Valparaiso, Chile is also home to the vast arid Atacama Desert, forests, fjords, canals, lakes, and islands. The business and cultural urban hubs of the nation are located in its central region.

Life Expectancy :

Includes information on acceptable business etiquette, dress, business For up-​to-date information on Chilean visa requirements, visit the.

Participating in this subreddit you agree to follow our rules Spanish only, for now. Participando en nuestro subreddit aceptas nuestras reglas. Ayuda How does dating work in Chile? I have to stay in Chile for some work related reasons. As a foreigner, what stuff should I know before dating in here? I don’t want to make things awkward or mess things up. By the way, I live in Concepcion and I also want to ask if the local culture here is different than in other places.

I tried googling but either I suck at it or there are no pages about this.

Why Men Should Date Chilean Women?

Professor Martin-Cabrera and the Study Center staff will be available to advise you on academic matters, assist with housing, and provide information on cultural events. This page location is:. Sign In. Travel Resources. Welcome to your program! I was able to experience another culture, take classes, make new friends, and in the process, I learned a little something about myself.

If in a dating relationship – is it customary for the guy to pay for dates he is not interested in going to – like the girl’s family members birthday.

After five years in Chile, I firmly believe that the best thing a Chilean can do to better his or her life is to leave Chile. Traveling is ok, but to get the full benefit, a Chilean should live and work abroad, ideally for at least a year. Working in another Latin American country is ok, but to get the full benefit, a Chilean should try to live and work in the US, Europe, China, Japan, Korea, Australia, New Zealand or another well developed country with a completely different culture and set of values.

Both upper class Chileans and non upper class Chileans should leave Chile, but for different reasons. They instantly have more opportunity, are more likely to get evaluated for who they are, how smart they are and not their skin color, where they went to school or their last name. They find lots of people who actually prefer darker hair and features and find them more attractive than traditional northern European features.

Their prospects for success go up the moment they step off the plane. They have the chance to see that if they work hard they might actually be able to better their lot in life. Many if not most upper class Chileans are overtly classist and nearly all are unintentionally classist. They see that shockingly! That some people find dark skinned people more attractive than lighter skinned people.

They see that rags to riches stories are valued in other parts of the world and not looked down on as they are in Chile.