How Beretta Became the Maker of the World’s Finest Firearms

If the original purchaser registers their firearm with Beretta, they automatically receive an additional two years of warranty coverage for a total of three years. Sako and Tikka rifles carry a Two-Year Limited Warranty to the original purchaser for defects in materials or workmanship. Beretta’s warranty information is listed below. Beretta Firearms Warranty Information. The Manufacturer does not warrant the wood stock and forend , grips or metal finish with respect to finish, matching of pieces, dents, scratches, cut, dings, etc. It is the customer’s responsibility to inspect this particular product prior to purchase to ensure that it is free from defects or damage. This Warranty is effective from the original retail purchase of the firearm only. Beretta assumes no liability for consequential, punitive or other damages except as set forth herein related to a warranty claim. The terms of this Warranty cannot be changed except in writing by an officer of the Manufacturer or its local official Distributor. This Warranty gives only the original personal retail purchaser specific legal rights.

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and Midwest Gun Works. Additionally, you can see the approximate date of manufacture as well as being able to view/download an owners manual, choke tube.

Spent shell casings from an over-and-under shotgun. Photo Credit: Andy Anderson. With five centuries of experience crafting guns for everyone from Napoleon and Winston Churchill to Ernest Hemingway and James Bond, the Beretta family knows more than anyone on earth about the fine art of making firearms. From sleek, black handguns to gold-inlaid, six-figure shotguns highly prized by hunters and collectors around the globe, the Beretta name carries instant prestige that speaks of skill, craftsmanship, elegant design and deadly accuracy.

Beretta is, in fact, the oldest industrial dynasty in the world, with 15 generations of family ownership dating back to the year —and very likely beyond. For the family to be able to trace its lineage so far back is a testament to its immutable values, and those of the company bearing its name. Credit: Andy Anderson. The best family-run companies take on the characteristics of their owners, and Beretta in the 21st century is the mirror of its namesakes.

Part refined aesthete, with an ear for opera, an eye for art and a taste for antique furniture, part man of action who has hunted almost everywhere in the world a man can go with a gun, he took the reins of the company in , passed down to him from his father, Ugo Gussalli Beretta. An engraved wheel-lock pistol, circa , and an intricately fabricated flintlock, circa , both bearing the early stamp of the Beretta family.

Art meets utility on a Beretta SO10’s demibloc and chisel-engraved sideplate. But while the company respects its heritage, it wears it lightly.

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The Beretta® roots date back as far as and have spanned 15 generations of the Beretta clan. From its Beretta A Xcel Multitarget 12 GA 30″ Shotgun.

Beretta holds the impressive distinction of being the world’s oldest industrial dynasty. And when you consider the wealth of knowledge and experience that has been handed down through 15 generations of gunmakers, over five centuries, it is little wonder that they produce some of the world’s best shotguns. If the processing of personal data is necessary and there is no statutory basis for such processing, we generally obtain consent from the data subject.

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Its firearms are used worldwide for a variety of civilian, law enforcement, and military purposes. Sporting arms account for three-quarters of sales; Beretta is also known for marketing shooting clothes and accessories. Founded in the 16th century, Beretta is the oldest active manufacturer of firearm components in the world. Val Trompia , a northern Italian river valley in the Province of Brescia , Lombardy , has been mined for iron ore since the time of the Roman Empire. In the Middle Ages , Val Trompia was known for its ironworks; after the Renaissance it came to be a center for the manufacture of weapons.

The birthplace of Beretta is in the village of Gardone located on the banks of the Mella river, in the middle of Val Trompia i.

CZ Scorpion EVO 3 carbine and pistol; Beretta CX4 Storm carbine; SIG The SAAMI chamber specifications for 10ga and 12ga shotguns do not More information on the buy-back program will be available at a later date.

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Dating these barrel codes to date a shotgun is somewhat unreliable,. Beretta Information Data Search Form. Is the serial number under the barrel, the model.

Why does Beretta treat the manufacture date of their civilian pistols as some kind of secret? Can we start a Beretta serial number survey, leaving off the last few numbers, for those brave and patient souls who have actually CALLED the ‘Sphinx’?! Why should it be so hard to learn when my pistols were manufactured? Ooooooh, maybe this is it. Steel that fails after a certain period of time in the pistols? Gee, Beretta, maybe you’d like to come out from behind the curtain and tell your customers when you built their pistols.

Some, but not all, have the suffix ‘Z’. I’d like to know why the 92FS pistols I have seen are preceded by BER when the information gleaned from my research suggests that has a special meaning not just ‘Made by Beretta, USA’ , specifically that they are for reserve. And I’d like to know what the ‘Z’ means, since for Beretta shotguns, ‘z’ means it was a discounted demo model. And JimLay, sending the serial number of a pistol over the internet is almost as stupid as running up and down the street scattering blank checks and screaming out your social security number.

Has nothing to do with government conspiracies.

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The result is a pistol that delivers superior performance in durability and reliability, ergonomics, trigger, and modularity. Utilizing a removable, serialized chassis frame, the APX can be easily modified with replaceable grip frame housings and is simple to disassemble and maintain. Each APX comes with 3 interchangeable back straps so users can best fit their hands and preferences. The APX truly is the ultimate striker fired pistol from Beretta.

Also available in additional colors and configurations.

Beretta Shotguns. Read more. Beretta Sporting Beretta_Comp_Spo_ Creation Date · Category · Product Price. No records found.

If you remove the barrels from the stock, turn them over and under the lump, next to the proof mark there will be a two letter code. Here are the date codes to find out which year they are Italian guns are easily dated by a code – not in the serial numbers but next to the proof mark. Here’s the list – and apologies for a rather long post:. You may wonder why the letter sequence is not logical. The letter O is missed out because of a possible confusion with zero, while Q also leads to confusion when stamped very small.

Yes the older models are better made, wear well Trying to determine the exact model number. Both are 7. Can anyone date my Beretta? You can post now and register later.

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