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June 7, Steinway Piano Gallery. In the piano world, older is not better. In fact, pianos are at their peak performance during their first 10 years. While it is possible for older pianos to be acceptable to some players, the piano never plays or sounds as good as it did when it was new. The evidence is irrefutable. Whenever a performing arts center or music institution needs a new piano, they always look for a new one first.

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As Pierre established the Gardens, he paid particular attention to performing arts spaces, and ensured that the Gardens would be a place of grand-style entertaining. Our resident instruments—The Longwood Organ, the bell Carillon, and The Longwood Steinway Grand Piano— remain cornerstones of our performing arts programming to this day.

Composed of 10, pipes divided into ranks, The Longwood Organ is the largest Aeolian organ ever constructed in a residential setting. Purchased by Pierre du Pont from Steinway and Sons in , this finely crafted instrument was used by Pierre, his family, friends, and visiting artists. Explore America’s Garden Capital. Skip to main content.

The serial number for Steinway pianos are located in several different places. The easiest place to find it is on the gold colored harp inside the.

How old is my Steinway piano? We get these questions on a daily basis and we can help you with this! The serial number for Steinway pianos are located in several different places. The easiest place to find it is on the gold colored harp inside the piano. Also the Letter stamped in ink above the serial number is the model of the piano. For Steinway upright pianos you need to lift the pianos lid and look inside the piano, normally the serial number along with the model will be stamped in ink inside the piano, also on its harp.

The piano below dates to circa Lets start with the keyslip. If you were to sit in front of the piano and place your hands on the keys, then bring your hand towards yourself, the last piece of wood your fingers would cross as they leave the keyboard is a piece of wood called the Key-Slip. This piece of wood is the same length as the pianos keyboard and is about 2 inches in height. Start on either end of it and apply a little upward pressure on it, once it starts to move up, grab the middle portion of it and try to slowly wiggle it up evenly as to not bend or break anything.

If it appears really tight, it could of swelled a little due to humidity and might need extra pressure upward to remove.

Steinway Serial Numbers

Steinway and Sons is perhaps the most recognized and revered brand of piano, dating back to And rightfully so! Steinway is an industry-leader and innovator with patents in piano making. To own a Steinway and Sons piano is an honor, an investment, and a legacy to leave for future generations.

The Steinway Promise. When you purchase a Boston, you may trade in the instrument within ten years of the date of purchase to receive % of the original​.

Hopefully, piano technicians and historians will also find the list useful. Square pianos and other pianos made before about are listed for academic purposes only; see pages — for information on buying square and antique pianos. Note that entries in the list refer to models in regular stock manufacture only, as they appeared in catalogs and price lists. There are no listings here of the different furniture styles available in each model, or of custom cases or experimental variations that were made from time to time.

Hence, some details are elusive, especially concerning pianos built during the first twenty-five years of manufacture. This list is based on the best available information to date, but should not be considered infallible. Because most of the dates listed here are from catalogs, whereas the serial numbers are from production records, dates and serial numbers may not match each other exactly, and dates may differ by a year or more from other versions of this list in circulation.

Also, a given model may have been manufactured or sold in limited quantities after the time it was officially discontinued. Until piano styles were identified by name plain, fancy, double round, middle round, prime, and so on. In that year Steinway began to assign style numbers to some of their pianos and by each piano was designated in this way.

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It seems crazy, but the PianoCraft Steinway was just so much better in every way. For nearly 50 years PianoCraft has been chosen to rebuild and restore thousands of pianos of every size and age. These PianoCraft rebuilds are found in concert halls, recording studios, museums, teaching studios, conservatories, universities, colleges, music schools and homes. PianoCraft rebuilds and restorations are enjoyed by concert pianists, all types of students and piano enthusiasts, adult amateurs, and collectors.

Whether purchasing a completed PianoCraft rebuilt piano for sale, or entrusting the rebuilding or restoration of your family heirloom to PianoCraft’s master artisans, we are certain you will love the end result.

11 unusual pianos. Unusual Piano and probably one of a kind. Bass Guitar Notes​Bass Guitar LessonsOld PianosBaby Grand PianosPiano BenchUpright.

Producing high quality, handmade pianos since , Steinway has captured the attention of artisans and virtuosos alike and garnered the spot for some of the most valuable antique handmade pianos still in existence today. Nine out of ten concert pianists prefer Steinway over any other brand. Depending on the condition, age and value, an antique piano may or may not see a significant return on investment from restoration.

Sourcing wood compatible with the historical integrity of their oldest models, Steinway has remained consistent in their craftsmanship since the turn of the 20th century. Restoring a Steinway, depending on its condition and the amount of work involved in the process is an investment that will almost always see a return. Steinways are some of the few handmade pianos still made today.

At Lindeblad, we sing Steinway praises, because our team appreciates the level of detail and expertise required to build a piano of their caliber. This level of craftsmanship is going to increase in value upon restoration and will add another lifetime of use.

What is the age of my Steinway piano, and where is the serial number located?

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Undue reliance should not be placed on the forward-looking statements contained in this report.

Likewise, I also service a S&S M with no serial number in any of the usual places. I learned from the local piano movers that Steinway also.

A green built Ruckers harpsichord. My first piano is the only source for digital pianos and their maintenance. Visit our piano store in Phoenix to see our full line of piano products. Sea Horse Harpp. View our library of professional piano restoration services, online piano museum and collection of rare antique instruments for sale. An exhibition of luxurious, art cased pianos from the golden age of piano making. Around the turn of the twentieth century, a period of prosperity inspired an interest in culture and the arts.

The maturity of technical innovation in the piano prompted a flourish of custom made, luxurious piano cases. At this time, the wealthy commissioned bespoke pianos as visible status symbols.

Kohler & Campbell Grand #ISKG0447

Los Angeles philanthropist Joan A. Payden Theater. In recognition of this generous gift, L. William Payden is the brother of Joan and he passed away in Joan Payden is well-known in the Los Angeles financial and philanthropic community. William Payden was a member of the faculty of the L.

D (or D) is the model name of a concert grand piano, the flagship of the Steinway & Sons The old ‘Henry’-designed (father & son) C grand (formerly named ‘Parlor Grand’) also got a covered pinblock and a ‘rim’ (still with 85 keys), and the.

Ancient piano dealer established by Giuseppe Passadori Brescia, May the 20th , November the 17th He started the activity when he was sixsteen, restoring his first piano under the expert guide of his uncle Guglielmo Borghetti, organist and piano teacher, son of an ancient spinets producer one those spinets, dating back to late early , is preserved in our offices.

From that very first restoration, Giuseppe Passadori laid the foundation of a passion that was going to become his job and his life, and then the life and the job of his whole family. After the success of that first restoration, he became piano tuner and restorer full time, managing works of increasing complexity. Around the founder developed his businness introducing the new and second hand high-quality pianos’selling.

With his sons, Piero, Enzo and Angelo the company gets bigger and the most important musicians of that time untrust their instruments to the Passadori Brothers’ careful hands, supported by the gifted tuner Werther Bettini Desenzano, Brescia In Passadori Pianoforti officially acquires the qualification of Steinway dealer for Brescia province. During the Eighties, two new showrooms have been added to Santa Chiara headquarters, the first one in Duomo Square, the second one in via Rezzato: moreover, the sons Beppe, Angela and Giulio join their parents in the businness, becoming themselves members of the Italian Association of Piano Tuners and Restorers.

Steinway upright “looks”

Upon request by the student, the Music Chapel makes available for use, free of charge, a number of exceptional violins and bows that belong to the Music Chapel or to private benefactors. For the loan of exceptional instruments, the Music Chapel will require the borrower to pay 50 percent of the insurance premium of the instrument. When used at revenue-generating performances, percent of the insurance premium will be payable by the borrower. A confidential inventory will be made available to students of the violin section.

The Executive Committee must approve all instrument loans, based on the recommendations of the Artistic Department.

Steinway & Sons grand pianos are premium pianos in terms of quality and A majority of our Steinway & Sons customers are over 50 years old, and have a.

An example would be the famous Van Cliburn International Piano Competition , offers contestants a choice of two Ds owned by the Van Cliburn Foundation, one a mellow-toned instrument made in New York, the other a bright-toned instrument made in Hamburg. These are supplemented with a third Steinway piano brought in for the event. Virtually all critical design elements of the Steinway ‘D’ were developed during the 19th century. Among them are the action and string scale designs perfected by Henry Steinway Jr.

Theodor Steinway, another of the founder’s sons; the trapwork pedals , first devised by Albert Steinway, a third son; and most aspects of the soundboard. Since those early years, only two notable improvements have been made: a concentric shaping of the soundboard, a design patented by younger family member Paul Bilhuber, was introduced in ; more recently the Steinway action was changed to provide a greater mechanical advantage to the player, resulting in less touch resistance with no loss of power.

Steinway , had built a grand piano in the so-called “kitchen grand” , which today is preserved at the Steinway Hall in New York City. Such grand pianos with a limited keyset of 6 or 6. Concert grand pianos of full size are able to fill a concert hall with sound for 2, to 3, spectators.

Derek (Age 8) Performing on a 2003 Steinway Upright Piano